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Sudarshan Gear
We are leading manufacturer of Gears and Gearboxes located at the outskirts of Mumbai city. We have all the necessary infrastructure to manufacture Helical , Spur and Worm gears with strong team of well experienced engineers and we ensure that we deliver quality gearboxes on time to our customers. Our range of products include the following: Helical Inline Geared Motors , Crane Duty Helical Gearbox , Helical Gearboxes , Extruder Gearboxes , Crane Duty Gearbox , Power Screw jacks , Timing Pulley , Chain Sprockets , Worm & Worm Wheel Set , Custom made Helical, Spur Gears We are specialized in making Gears and Gearboxes as per customers drawings and special requirements.We are also specialized in small batch quality production.
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